About Picture Framing


  • To protect the item from the environment, especially fly and spider markings but also against moisture, ultraviolet light, staining and mould.
  • To enable the art to be displayed and enjoyed.
  • To add value to the art by presenting it attractively and making to look important.


The old saying that you get what you pay for is never more true than with picture framing. The quality of the backing board, mat and glass varies greatly and pricing reflects this. The lowest quote probably uses lowest quality materials. You will discover this only as time goes by and the edge of the mat goes brown because it is not acid free, or when the art develops spots (called foxing) also caused by non acid free materials or the colour fades. All of this can be avoided. We refuse to use low quality materials so we avoid these problems.

Price is clearly affected by the standard of material used, type of glass selected and the frame you choose. We provide advise on these points and take the view that a very good quality job can be achieved without the need to use museum quality material on every job.